Premium Appointment

£25 Appointment Fee
  • 90 minute personal appointment
  • Exclusive use of the studio
  • Try on as many dresses as you wish
  • A glass of bubbly for you and 2 guests
  • Appointment fee refunded when you order a dress
  • Styling tips and suggestions on accessories
  • 5% off when you order your dress on the day
  • More time to talk about any design changes you might require

Regular Appointment

  • 60 minute appointment
  • Try on 6 dresses
  • Ideal if you just want an overview of what we stock

Check our opening hours for times when appointments are available. Appointment fees are payable once the booking is confirmed.

There is no charge for fitting appointments.

Option one

Choose From Our Range of Designers

You choose the style you like. Then if you want to adapt the design to suit you we can work with the designer to make these adjustments happen. You can change necklines, skirt shapes, add sleeves, almost anything can be done and I will be there to offer advice and guidance.

Gowns are made to your measurements then adjusted by me to make sure that they fit perfectly.

Prices from £1,800 – £2,500

Option two

Choose a Dress From Our Rail

Great if your time is limited and you have left it late to meet the 6 month order deadline. I can use my creativity and technical skills to rework necklines and detailing to make the dress unique to you. Alternatively, I can fit the dress to you as-is.

Prices for the shop rail dresses come with a 50% off the order option.

Fall in love with one of our rail dresses, get me to make some changes, and enjoy a unique wedding dress at a great price.

Option three

Choose a Sale Dress

Our sale dresses are usually discontinued designs no longer made by the designer. As we can no longer order these designs they are sold as seen, often at a sizable discount. I can still make alterations to ensure your dress fits perfectly for the big day. Buying from the sale is a great way to grab a fantastic dress on a tight budget.

Prices start from £400

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